Aurantiol 30ml


Our supplier : FarwellCAS# : 89-43-0
Hydroxycitronellal / methyl anthranilate Schiff's base, commonly known as Aurantiol, is a yellow viscous liquid used extensively in perfumery as a fragrance ingredient. Its odor profile is described as floral, lily, orangeflower, and sweet. Aurantiol is particularly renowned for its ability to enhance floral notes such as orange-blossom, linden-blossom, and tuberose, making it a popular choice in floral fragrances. It also acts as a fixative, helping to prolong the longevity of the scent, and can exalt the top notes in citrus cologne types. When used in amber and chypre compositions, Aurantiol imparts an oriental character, blending harmoniously with macrocyclic musks. Its unique combination of floral, neroli, linden, mandarin, and amber notes creates a powerful and warm fragrance experience. As a yellow viscous liquid, its physical appearance aligns with its olfactory properties, capturing the essence of its rich and vibrant scent profile.