Methyl eugenol 5ml

Methyl eugenol

Our supplier : FarwellCAS# : 93-15-2
Methyl eugenol is a perfumery ingredient that exhibits a complex and multifaceted olfactory profile. It is characterized by a sweet and fresh scent, with warm and spicy undertones reminiscent of cloves, carnations, and cinnamon. The aroma of methyl eugenol carries with it a certain musty and vegetable-like quality, along with waxy and peppery notes, and a phenolic character. This compound also presents various intriguing nuances, such as herbal and tea-like hints, as well as anise, apricot, banana, chocolate, coconut, creamy, fruity, peach, plum, raspberry, sweet, vanilla, and earthy elements. Its overall aromatic profile can be described as dry carnation with an underlying herbal undertone. Methyl eugenol blends well with other fragrances such as alpha-methyl benzyl acetate, cananga, ylang, acetanisole, and eugenols, and it can be used to add earthy-mossy and herbaceous notes to compositions. In its physical state, methyl eugenol appears as a colorless to pale yellow clear liquid.