CAS# : 98-55-5


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Alpha-terpineol is a versatile ingredient widely used in the field of fine perfumery. Known for its distinctive odor, it encompasses a complex scent profile that combines elements of pine, terpenic, lilac, citrus, woody, floral, and resinous notes. This fragrance is characterized by its refreshing and cooling properties, evoking the invigorating essence of lemon and lime. Alpha-terpineol is meticulously produced to achieve high purity, offering exceptional olfactory value. Its clean and delicate quality is reminiscent of sweet lilac flowers, providing a charming and aromatic experience. As elucidated by renowned scholar Arctander, alpha-terpineol is a fundamental component in lilac and pine perfumes, while also featuring prominently in fragrances like Fougeres, Appleblossoms, and various household products such as soaps and detergents. The physical appearance of alpha-terpineol ranges from a colorless viscous liquid to a solid state, further illustrating its versatility in perfumery applications.