Hexyl cinnamic aldehyde 30ml

Hexyl cinnamic aldehyde

Our supplier : FarwellCAS# : 101-86-0
Apha-hexylcinnamaldehyde is an enchanting pale yellow to yellow clear liquid-to-solid perfumery ingredient. With a substantivity on paper of 400 hours, it has a medium strength, very mild, sweet-oily odor, softly infused with a floral heart and an intriguing touch of herbaceous undertones. Its personality matures and blooms in any composition, turning significantly more floral and vibrant.

Historically employed in perfume formulations for its captivatingly rich floral and pleasantly oily-herbaceous odor, alpha-hexylcinnamaldehyde is the secret charm in Jasmin bases, Gardenia, Tuberose, and Magnolia blends, while also gracing other floral-themed fragrances with its unique contribution.