Amyl salicylate 5ml

Amyl salicylate

Our supplier : FarwellCAS# : 2050-08-0
Amyl salicylate is a perfumery ingredient that exhibits a multifaceted olfactory profile. Its odor can be described as herbal, floral, clover, green, sweet, and even chocolate-like. It possesses a delicate sweetness with a balsamic and herbaceous undertone, accompanied by a greenish hue. The fragrance of amyl salicylate finds extensive application in floral perfumes, where it adds a significant contribution to the overall scent. Furthermore, it plays a crucial role in fougeres, enhancing their aromatic composition. The refined varieties of this ester demonstrate a notable variation in odor, often presenting a richer sweetness and floral character. It has a remarkably tenacious quality and leaves behind woody-earthy and sweet dryout notes. Amyl salicylate is widely used in the perfume industry due to its affordability and widespread availability. Its appearance is that of a colorless to pale yellow clear liquid. Overall, amyl salicylate has established itself as one of the most essential perfume chemicals, offering a unique olfactive experience.