Givaudan Javanol

CAS# : 198404-98-7


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Javanol is a new-generation synthetic sandalwood molecule with unprecedented power and substantivity. It has a rich, natural, creamy sandalwood note with an exceptonally low detection threshold. It is colorless and takes the form of a clear viscous liquid. We recommend to smell it at a solution of 10% or less, because it can easily overwhelm.Javanol's substantivity on paper, or the lasting power of its scent, is notable at 400 hours, which makes it an ingredient that can provide a lingering, enduring note in various perfumery compositions.The olfactory profile of Javanol is very distinctive and layered. It is primarily characterized by its sandalwood note, with tropical, woody, and fatty nuances, making it quite unique. The complexity of its scent is enhanced with a combination of other undertones. These include herbal and cologne nuances, which lend a fresh, crisp edge to the fragrance. Floral and creamy aspects add an element of richness and depth. Meanwhile, the rosy note adds a certain brightness and soft romantic touch.