Discovery Kit (Liquids)




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    Introducing Contrebande's Perfume Ingredient Discovery Kit - a comprehensive collection of 30 x 5 ml bottles of liquid perfumery materials, each meticulously handpicked to deliver exceptional versatility, performance and coverage in your fragrance creations. This kit is designed to inspire and elevate your perfume-making journey while ensuring safety, ease of use, quality, and affordability.

    Each ingredient in our discovery kit has been selected with great care to cover a diverse range of olfactory categories, families or notes such as floral, hesperidic, aromatic, agrestic, fruity, green, balsamic, woody, animalic, aquatic, fresh, leathery, aldehydic, and more. This comprehensive selection allows you to explore and create fragrances ranging from oriental and chypre to fougère, cologne, soliflore, gourmand, and beyond.

    The ingredients in our kit are specifically chosen for their handling ease and chemical stability under normal ambient storage conditions. They have a reasonably low fusion point compared to room temperature (they don't require to be melted before use), are not too viscous or sticky (they can be dispensed accurately with pippettes), and possess a reasonable shelf life.

    We exclude exceedingly dangerous materials, ensuring that every ingredient is safe to use while still providing exceptional fragrance profiles. Additionally, we are committed to sustainability, eliminating ingredients with unreasonably high social or environmental cost that could jeopardize future availability, supply chain reliability or peace of mind (yours and ours).

    Quality is of utmost importance for us, and our perfume ingredient discovery kit reflects this commitment. We prefer to disregard fashionable novelties with a short or spotty production history, only choose ingredients with a proven production track record and that are offered by many competing suppliers to ensure consistent quality across the board. We also prioritize affordable incredients, making our kit accessible to all. For instance, we will not include diluted ingredients that would be too expensive in pure form.

    Embark on a captivating journey of scent discovery with Contrebande's Perfume Ingredient Discovery Kit - your gateway to creating unforgettable fragrances that truly capture the essence of your imagination.

    This kit contains: